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Julien is an exclusive jewel case priced at $44,000

You’ve probably seen a lot of majestic pieces throughout our website, if you’ve been following us for a while, and we won’t disappoint you as we go – we’re presenting the Julien – a magnificent jewel case. The piece was manufactured in Italy and sports a wooden structure encased in genuine, top notch crocodile leather.

It sports a total of 6 drawers where the future representative of the beautiful sex that gets to own such a piece can place here beloved pendants, rings, precious stones, all sorts of accessories and even tiaras. The drawers are covered with crocodile leather as well and are adorned with a superb red velvet coating on the inside, to keep the expensive pieces in the best possible condition.

Don’t think this is something to keep safely, at home. It can be easily carried along with you on travel, allowing you to constantly keep an eye on your prized possessions. It has taken its manufacturers a whopping 24 months to be crafted, being absolutely unique. Just 1 piece was manufactured so far – name it extreme exclusivity.



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