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Judith Leiber Minaudière and Minaudière Oud Have Got Us Staring

Judith Leiber Minaudière

The famous handbags & accessories designer Judith Leiber has just launched two new perfumes, named after her beautiful crystal minaudières. Made out of a metal shell and decorated with crystals and precious metals, these breathtaking minaudières could reach several thousand dollars, with the more affordable versions setting you back at least $1,500 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Everyone knows that Judith Leiber’s creations show off incredible quality and attention to detail, which might explain why a lot of people buy them – it’s not only for their beauty, but for vanity, as any Judith Leiber accessory can easily be considered a work of art.

Judith Leiber Minaudière

Returning to the two new perfumes, these fresh creations bear the name Minaudière and were specially designed in a shape of a clutch with a cabochon-embellished push clasp as a stopper. The compositions of the two perfumes are based on gourmand oriental notes, lighter and luminous for the pink Minaudière, and dark and intense for the black Minaudière Oud.

Judith Leiber’s Minaudière perfume smells tenderly sensual with white floral notes, while the Black Minaudière Oud version teases you thanks to a striking oriental sense and lots of sweetness. Wondering about costs? Well, $195.00 for a 100ml Eau de Parfum seems like a small price to pay for the experience.

Judith Leiber Minaudière


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