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Jordan’s Desert Dome Camp offers you “The Martian” Experience

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Desert Dome Camp

If you liked ‘The Martian‘ just as much as we did, you will surely fall in love with this unique place. Freedomes and SunCity Camp are now offering to closest thing to Mars that we could ever experience, with a breathtaking desert dome camp nestled in Wadi Rum, Jordan, just a few minutes away from the actual location where the popular 2015 movie has been filmed.

Freedomes is a company renowned for their awesome DIY domes, but you probably didn’t know that they’ve also created the domed habitat in which Matt Damon survived in The Martian. They’ve made smaller versions of that particular dome, as part of a special glamping line, and set them up at SunCity Camp, where 20 geodesic dome structures allow you to get an unforgettable Martian experience.

Desert Dome Camp

With sandstone and imposing granite rock formations, the Wadi Rum desert feels just like the rocky landscape of the red planet, and the Moon’s surface as well; maybe that’s why this place is also called the Valley of the Moon. 5,000 Bedouins reside in this amazing part of the world, and SunCity Camp also offers you the chance to discover their surprising lifestyle.

Desert Dome Camp

Each of the 20 domes from this spectacular desert camp comes with its own bathroom and a lovely panoramic window offering you a serene view of the Wadi Rum desert, but SunCity camp also comes with a lovely restaurant, serving traditional Bedouin meals such as zarb or lamb cooked right beneath the desert sand. We don’t have any official rates for a night here, but SunCity’s other tent accommodations charge between $159 and $318 for a night.

Desert Dome Camp

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