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Introducing the Spectacular Urwerk UR-105 ‘Raging Gold’

By Victor Baker


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Urwerk UR-105 ‘Raging Gold’

Founded back in 1995, Urwerk is one of the world’s most avant-garde independent watch brands. The brand’s new UR-105 “Raging Gold” is less of a milestone than what we’ve been used to by Urwerk, but it still features a gold bezel and looks totally awesome.  The Urwerk UR-105 “Raging Gold” forgets all about a girl’s best friends and reminds us all about the immorality of gold, which complements this amazing timekeeping wonder.

The large 4N red gold bezel has been engraved to create an intricate Clou de Paris pattern, while the rest of the case is made using a PVD-coated titanium. Just like the standard Urwerk UR-105, if we could call ever this incredible timepiece like that, the Racing Gold version is super light and it could easily handle 30-meter deep waters – just in case you like getting wet.

Urwerk UR-105 ‘Raging Gold’

The time is beautifully displayed on this watch using revolving satellites, which seems to be Urwerk’s calling card, that always manages to shock and awe everyone. For this new watch, the Swiss brand has also improved the UR 5.02 caliber within, with the impressive mechanism hidden from our eyes.

But on the titanium case back, you will find the turbines that regulate the self-winding mechanism of the watch, while a 48-hour power reserve backs everything up. It might be worth mentioning that the Urwerk UR-105 “Raging Gold” is limited to just 22 units, each of which will be costing 67,000 CHF.

Urwerk UR-105 ‘Raging Gold’

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