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Inner Desire Swarovski Swimsuit to Be Launched in Singapore

Not exactly made for swimming, this fabulous luxury swimsuit by Inner Desire is going to make quite an impression next Saturday at the Fashion TV Beach Festival in Singapore. It was designed by Esther Loh together with her mother Christina Ho – a strong mother-daughter team with big vision.

The two have started their online luxury lingerie,swimwear and sleepwear business three years ago, but not all their creations reach the level of opulence that this particular piece boasts.

The design was reportedly based on an existing model, but the actual manufacturing process was still very tedious. Sewing all those glittering Swarovski crystals on the flawlessly designed piece is a very demanding job in itself, which explains why a whole week was spent on the project.

Singapore’s beautiful fauna and flora inspired the crystal design, and the result is spectacular. Like all the brand’s Swarovski-studded pieces, this too is a one-off creation, which adds even more appeal to it.

Exclusivity lovers will certainly not be repelled by its steep price – $6,000 – but they should keep in mind that the swimsuit is not made for actual swimming, even though its makers are “confident that the crystals will stay on if you want to go for a swim in it”.


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