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Infinite Rush Is The Name Of Bentley’s Latest Fragrance

By Victor Baker


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Infinite Rush

Bentley has just revealed its newest fragrance for men, called ‘Infinite Rush’, a lovely scent which tries to capture the automaker’s legendary luxury and the extraordinary performance of its new SUV. Infinite Rush is all about adventure, dedicated to those people who consistently push themselves to the limit in an effort to enjoy the most sensational experiences.

Top notes include pink pepper, mandarin orange and rosemary, the fragrance embodying every aspect of the Infinite Rush man: enthusiastic and active, but also confident and educated. The Bentley Infinite Rush bottle shares the same design language of shapes and curves as any of Bentley’s models, with a silver metal finish adding to the classy looks.

Infinite Rush

Infinite Rush oozes sophistication as well, with Bentley’s signature knurling on the base of the stopper and premium glass with a high-tech crackled effect. A special layer of varnish was applied on top of a classic varnish, which allows every single bottle to be unique. Bentley’s legendary winged B is visible at the center of the bottle, as you’d expect.

The box in which the fragrances will come shows off a band of knurling on the top, with a satin silver and the same, cracked motif, being part of the design. Starting today, the new Bentley Infinite Rush is available in Harrods, with other department stores from all over the world joining in from April.

Infinite Rush

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