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Go To The Ends Of The World with the Explorer Yacht

By Victor Baker


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Explorer yacht

This is the marvelous 60-meter (197 ft) Explorer yacht, designed by the team at Virgin Concept Yachts. Featuring an ocean-going layout, this explorer vessel combines the amenities of a luxury yacht with the requirements needed for people who want to conquer uncharted territories.

Imagined by Edwin Vandermark, this yacht looks powerful and elegant, not to mention dreamy. It features a spacious garage, that’s ideal for tenders, a mini submarine and a variety of water toys and the aft deck shows off incredible relaxation areas for sunbathing, as well as a spa pool.

Explorer yacht

The stern, on the other hand, converts into a large open ‘beach club’ if passengers are in such a good mood. From a functional point of view, the near-vertical shape of the bow allows this vessel to benefit from a longer water line, as well as of a considerably enlarged living area.

Virgin Concept Yachts imagined this yacht to be environmentally friendly, with a rubbish separator, compactor and grinder on board, a rainwater collecting system, plus anti-fouling coatings and solar panels that are part of this vessel’s equipment.

Powering it all along its trips are 2 diesel-electric/Pods (Rolls Royce), with 2.000 HP each, allowing passengers to enjoy top speeds of up to 14 knots. What say you? Are you ready to see the most remote corners of the world?

Explorer yacht


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