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Ibiza’s Amante Beach Club Cinema Is Absolutely Incredible

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Amante Beach Club Cinema

Open air cinemas have been extremely popular back in the 60s and 70s, but nowadays we seem to have forgotten all about their unique charm and appeal. But it’s all coming back in Ibiza, where you’re more than welcomed to experience the most unique cinematic experience.

Forget all about drive-in movies, as the Amante Beach Club Cinema delivers something completely different than what you’re used to. Setting itself apart from the nightlife and parties Ibiza is known for, this luxurious seaside movie theater is one of the island’s newest attractions, offering guests the chance to lounge on bean beds, while enjoying cocktails and appetizers and their favorite movies in an absolutely ravishing setting.

The Amante Beach Club Cinema overlooks Ibiza’s Sol d’en Serra bay, which means a cool breeze and breathtaking views of the ocean are always on offer, but don’t forget about the movie, ok?

Amante Beach Club Cinema

The whole experience at the Amante Beach Club Cinema is rather cheap, and for just 38 Euros you could get unlimited freshly made popcorn, a glass of wine and a blanket to keep you warm.  Screenings run between June and September, from 10:30 pm only, thus making sure you won’t melt under the effects of the island’s warmth.

The range of movies that will be screened here includes almost anything, from Academy award winning and nominated films to classics, so you could say there’s something for everyone. We’re going to leave these breathtaking photos to do the rest of the talking for us, so we’ll end this article by saying that the Amante Beach Club Cinema is one of the coolest movie theaters in the entire world!

Amante Beach Club Cinema

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