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Hublot King Power Unico GMT Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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There has always been something about Hublot that makes a large part from the high-class society orient towards them. It may possibly be unique designs, sleek finishing or a select appeal. But nevertheless they’re extraordinary by all means. And so is the Unico manufacture chronograph movement, which has recently undergone through extensive upgrades.

The timepiece now boasts a GMT function entirely crafted by Hublot. Using four rotating aluminum discs, it shows the time in 14 different time zones, easily controllable by a button positioned at 2 o’clock. The King Power Unico GMT watch features a 48 mm dial available in two versions, one of them made of King Gold red gold ceramic and the other of simple ceramic.

The dial is easily understandable, even though the amount of data on it is mind-boggling. Combining elegance with efficiency, the watch’s calibre-parts can also be viewed. The 72-hour power reserve ensures a long-lasting life and high power-efficiency, while the colors and design show a contemporary though elegant look and an incredible piece of engineering.


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