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The wonderful Hotel Encanto in Acapulco

By Brian Pho


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On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, overlooking the golden sand beaches of Mexico, Acapulco’s Hotel Encanto is the ultimate relaxation venue. A superbly modern place, the hotel was completed back in 2010 by the acclaimed brand of architects Miguel Angel Aragonés.

Taking benefit of a magnificent setting, Hotel Encanto was built with gorgeously pristine glass walls which alloy everyone to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the ocean, the local natural preserve indoors and the pristine beaches. Comprising a limited 44 guest rooms, 20 of them fitted with private pools and 24 with private terraces, Hotel Encanto provides both an intimate atmosphere and the glamour of colour, through a superb spectrum of brilliant tones that make up quite a stunning corner of paradise.

To say the least, apart from the enchanting game of colours, which provide different atmospheres and looks for days, nights and evenings, the exterior façade of the hotel is painted in a clear white turn, which further enhances the feelings of uniqueness and livelihood. The main pool is also superbly lit through by gorgeous array of tones, even during daytime. And above all, with so few guest rooms to offer, guests are able to enjoy much more space than any other similar hotel.

Within the guest rooms, the game of lights and colors is further continued by hues of vibrant blues, reds and yellows, and even combinations of them. The bathrooms boast with exquisite stone walls, floors and even more stone on other surfaces and fixtures, while the sliding glass doors of the rooms allow provide sunlight with full access inside.


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