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One and Only SkySuite Penthouse in Las Vegas

By Brian Pho


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Here’s an incredibly gorgeous three-floor residence on the Las Vegas strip, boasting with a location that is as stunning as are its levels of exquisiteness and luxury. The One and Only Las Vegas SkySuite Penthouse is up for grabs.

One of the most impressive sides of this particularly superb penthouse is represented by the utterly breathtaking panoramas it provides through floor-to-ceiling windows. The south and west facing rooms provide residents and guests with simply gorgeous views of the Las Vegas Strip and the city, all the way to the stalwart Red Rock Mountain Ranges.

The principle behind the internal architecture of The One and Only Las Vegas SkySuite Penthouse is a highly elegant and superbly customized Jet Set gusto, which is both sophisticated and glamorous. The generous interior space may either serve as a peaceful, private place if you chose to draw the curtains, or a pure lightshow lit by the casinos on the strip. Either way, it’s exactly what a young- or middle-aged couple would love.

Covering in excess of 5,000 square feet, the interiors are garnished with state of the art amenities and stunning decors, reflecting the glamour of the city. There are ample opportunities for exquisite dining, private lounging and all sorts of entertainment solutions, like parties or gatherings. Furthermore, the penthouse is fitted with gorgeous outdoor terraces, separate bathroom suites, utility and service areas, as well as screening rooms.

Having been completed back in 2006, the SkySuite is listed at $5.5 million and sports 4 luxuriously appointed bedrooms and 6 stunning bathrooms. Care for some exquisite al fresco dining or a rooftop party?


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