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Hit the Streets in Style with the Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag

By Victor Baker


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Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag

The arrival of the uber chic Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag has been long awaited by every fashionista out there. The beautiful line debuted at the brand’s Cruise 2016 runway show in Palm Springs, where the elegant and modern lines of this tote impressed basically everyone there.

Available in three sizes and various colors, this bag is like a gorgeous mix between the Hermes Birkin and a Prada bag, beautifully imagined by Louis Vuitton’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière. Louis Vuitton actually needed a statement-making satchel and leather was the obvious choice for the City Streamer.

Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag

The bag’s different sizes are more than useful, with the PM coming in at 10.2″ across, the MM at 12.2″ and the GM at 13.4″. The City Steamer is simple and elegant, looking great whatever the size, without having too many details that would make it over the top.

The central gold-tone lock might not get anyone smiling, but is serves its purpose beautifully. And if you’re wondering about costs, you should know that Louis Vuitton will sell you a City Steamer between $3,550 and $5,750. Which one’s your favorite?

Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag

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