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The 30-year-old ArArAt Erebuni is a mix of Amazing Flavors

By Victor Baker


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ArArAt Erebuni

The Yerevan Brandy Company made our day a lot more interesting with the introduction of the 30-year-old ArArAt Erebuni brandy, a new exquisite blend that’s made up of more than thirty rare and vintage spirits, allowing the brandy to tease us with a rich amber color and beautiful touches of mahogany.

The legendary Armenian brandy ArArAt is produced at the Yerevan Brandy Company, using traditional techniques since 1887. The oldest spirit in this new blend dates back to 1934, which should make every drop of this ‘nectar’ desirable.

The 30-year-old ArArAt Erebuni is also the most valuable blend launched by the brand and that’s why it was named after the ancient Armenian fortress of Erebuni, built in 782 BC by order of King Argishti I.

ArArAt Erebuni

The luxurious golden ArArAt Erebuni packaging was engraved with the same ancient cuneiform characters that marked the foundation of Yerevan, the future capital of Armenia.

ArArAt is manufactured exclusively from high quality native Armenian grapes and crystal-clear spring water and will instantly charm you with its amazing scent, with an aroma of dried fruit that’s gently combined with hints of candied orange and vanilla.

We’re not sure how much it costs to get our taste buds teased by this amazing drink, but whatever cost it is, it’s definitely worth it.

ArArAt Erebuni

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