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Heroin’s Futuristic Carbon Fiber Bike Visits Present Times

By Victor Baker


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Carbon Fiber Bike

French luxury brand Heroin imagined this incredible carbon fiber bicycle starting off from the ‘Modulor’ architecture concept, which defines the ideal proportions that help us achieve a perfect harmony between humans and their surroundings.

Marc Simoncini and the design team from Heroin mixed raw materials and natural lines only to craft the gorgeous bicycle you see before you. The project benefited from leading experts in carbon fiber, aerodynamics and morphological analysis, making sure nothing was left to chance.

The Heroin Bike is assembled in France while its components are actually manufactured in Italy – with an incredible attention to detail, I might add. Innovation is the only thing that could make a bicycle stand out from the crowd these days, and the team’s two-year efforts seem to have paid off with this beauty.

Carbon Fiber Bike

Performance and simplicity joined forces as the skilled people behind the project conceived, designed and developed every inch of the Heroin bike with the tiniest details in mind. The carbon fiber monocoque frame was made entirely by hand and delivers incredible strength and a low weight curb.

Each component is calibrated, fine-tuned and assembled while keeping true to a secret process. The honeycombed texture is noticeable on the areas most exposed to air resistance, resulting in a modified airflow and improved aerodynamics.

Heroin announced they’ll produce  only 349 such bicycles, specifically designed and tweaked to fit the owner’s desires.

Carbon Fiber Bike

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