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Hermès Puts A Luxury Twist On The Classic Foosball Game

By Victor Baker


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Hermès Foosball table

Who’s up for a game of foosball? You might remember some of your favorite TV or movie characters playing this fun game, and the first to come to mind are Joey and Chandler, from Friends. Those guys really knew how to have fun, although I doubt any of them could have afforded this stylish $68,300 foosball table from Hermès.

Yes, the French luxury fashion house has just unveiled a foosball table, and it might be just the best of the best. The designers from Hermès always try to surprise with outrageous everyday items, complemented by luxurious materials, and they’ve surely achieved that goal with this foosball table.

Hermès Foosball table

Blending fashion, functionality, and exclusivity under one name, this foosball table uses bespoke materials like Maple and Swift calfskin, while the players have been transformed into Jockeys, dressed in colorful jerseys, complete with riding boots. There are no horses in sight because that change would have transformed this into a Polo game, right?

The Hermès foosball table shows off incredible attention to detail, including upholstery, saddle stitching, and polishing. We’re pretty sure there’s at least one millionaire out there who would love to add this upscale foosball table to his game room, although I have to wonder: would anyone want to damage this $68,300 table? This looks more like a collectible to me.

Hermès Foosball table

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