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Herman Miller Is Responsible For The Stunning Eames Lounge Chair

By Victor Baker


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Eames lounge chair

New York’s fashion label 3sixteen has joined forces with American furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, only to create one of the most beautiful lounge chairs and ottomans in the world right now.

This is the gorgeous Eames lounge chair, a custom reworked classic that comes with an ottoman, featuring natural vegetable-tanned leather upholstery.

Eames lounge chair

Designed to resemble a baseman’s mitt, this wonderful set was framed within a classic, hand-oiled Santos Palisander wood veneer shell. Beautiful, yet practical, only Eames lounge sets have been manufactured, making this a very. very limited edition.

The company actually plans to document the chairs over the years as they age, which might help them release even more exquisite products like these over the next years. No clue on the price-tag, or how comfortable the Eames lounge chair really is; we can just imagine that sitting on it would be like floating on a stylish cloud.

Eames lounge chair


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