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Gloria Manor Is The Proper Way To Enjoy Taiwan

By Victor Baker


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Gloria Manor

Once home to the country’s president, Gloria Manor is one of the most incredible retreats in all of Taiwan right now. This exclusive location still maintains its super high standards, although it now chooses to cater to visitors and guests from all over the world, who want nothing more than to enjoy the best of Taiwanese culture, right in the heart of the beautiful Kenting National Park.

The stunning views of Mt. Dajian foster an atmosphere of utter peace here, making this place ideal to rest and relax, disconnecting from busy world in one of the hotel’s 60 gorgeous rooms or suites, ranging from Classic Rooms, and going all the way up to the extravagant Gloria Suite.

Each room or suite promises to offer serene views, either of the ocean, the lush tropical gardens or the mountains, while the interiors benefit from flat screen TVs, Nespresso coffee machines, and many other modern luxuries that will make you forget you’ll have to leave this place eventually.

Gloria Manor

Gloria Manor also offers a unique farm-to-table dining experience, that could be enjoyed at the hotel’s elegant restaurant, that’s simply called Mu. Every dish is sourced right from the hotel’s organic farm, resulting in an ever changing menu comprised of seasonal treats and aromas.

Furthermore, the hotel’s Mu Lounge provides the perfect venue if you want to enjoy a colorful cocktail or a fancy drink, while the magical views of Mt. Dajian seem to complement these delicious drinks. Once you consider the world class service here, the lovely outdoor pool and the all-around relaxing vibe, you’ll realize this is not a place to be ignored, especially if you have business in Taiwan.

Gloria Manor

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