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Giobagnara creates Bespoke Leather Nespresso Machines

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Leather Nespresso Machines

Giobagnara is an Italian company renowned for crafting luxury home goods, using the finest leathers to epitomize Italian craftsmanship. They’ve also done custom interior designs for yachts and private jets, with exquisite handmade calf leathers and suedes, and now they’re taking over your humble espresso machine, with some help from Pigment France.

Pigment France has a long history in refining high-end housewares with bespoke dressings, in woven rattan, willow or leather, and also in braiding, plating and wrapping ordinary household equipment. This company is now part of the Giobagnara group and their first project together was making these stylish Nespresso machines, covered in fine leathers.

Leather Nespresso Machines

Revealed at this year’s Maison & Objet in Paris, this chic Nespresso coffeemaker represents a wonderful fashion statement. Dressed up in exquisite leather, the coffee machine before you shows off a wonderful retro vibe, with its curvaceous body complemented by either a diamond Chanel-like pattern or quilted channeling.

This thing will be available in a few superb colors, from dark chocolate and cappuccino to cream and cinnamon. The waterproof and scratch-resistant Italian leather makes this coffeemaker stylish and durable, and that’s a good enough reason to pay a cool $4,485 for one of these stylish Nespresso machines. There’s no better way to start the day.

Leather Nespresso Machines

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