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Gigantis is a lovely Multifunctional Watch Winder Cabinet

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’re a timepiece collector and you want to hold your beloved pieces safely at sight, you may need one of these: the Gigantis Luxury Multifunctional Watch Winder Cabinet. The device may function as watch-keeper, as well as cigar humidor, TV, sound system and a lot more. Its sizes aren’t exactly small, measuring whopping 2.1-meters (6.9 feet) in height and 6 feet in length.

It’s designed by Kudoe Schli & Matz and boasts a gorgeous design being painted in elegant tones of sleek black for the center area and mauve brown on the outer ring. The central area of the cabinet features the TV and a fireplace, while the covering includes the cigar and watch storage spaces, with 60 individually made slots, wound and illuminated independently.

There’s also a dose of customizability conferred to the cabinet, the owner being able to choose the materials used for the winder cabinet, from leather, metal or carbon fiber. Another good feature is that the device can be controlled directly from your smartphone or via the in-built touchscreen.

So all that remains to you is to enjoy this perfect appliance, while also taking glimpses to the gorgeous timepieces you’ve been grinding all your life, with a slick grin in the corner of your mouth.

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