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The Fusion Dining and Pool Table

By Brody Patterson


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If you’re looking for a way to improve your dining room and don’t really have enough space for something too sizeable, look no further than the Fusion Table. Of course, in this case, a bit of interest in the game of pool also helps, since this item is a fusion between a normal table and a pool table.

Even if you don’t intend to utilize its “hidden” purpose too much, the Fusion Table is still a great-looking piece of furniture. Available in stylish shades of black, white, stainless, or the custom design of your choosing, it definitely enhances any room it’s in. And until you take away the dishes and slide the top off, you won’t even know it’s a pool table, as all the pieces used to play (balls, cues, racks) fit nicely under it.

The pockets themselves boast a patent-pending design which allows them to stretch out when a ball is dropped into them and then retract when they’re empty. Finally, another patent-pending feature allows the table to easily switch between dining height and playing height.

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