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For €5.3M This Splendid French Castle Could be your new Home

Splendid French Castle

Nestled just a few miles outside of Lille, in northern France, this splendid castle was completed in the early 18th century by one of the most popular French architects of that period, and beautifully restored to its original condition in these last couple of years. The historic wonder before you also sits on a plot of more than 20 hectares, with over 25 rooms and 25,833 square feet of incredible living spaces, ready to be enjoyed by anyone who’s willing to pay the right price for this property, which is €5.3 million or around $6.2 million in US dollars.

There are also several superb outbuildings on site, that have been converted into 2 large apartments for your guests, while the whole estate has benefited from a careful renovation process, including the facades, heating, electricity, sewerage, insulation, roofs, alarm system, and so on. We’re somehow surprised that no Bond villain has made an offer for this property yet, but we’re sure they might be interested as well.

Splendid French Castle

The wonderful French chateau before you also features refined decorations, brought to new life right now in agreement with the Architect of the buildings of France. Covering 5 impressive levels complemented by two elevators, this castle includes several lounges, dining rooms, kitchens, numerous en suite bedrooms, a few games rooms, and more outstanding features that make this place even more exceptional.

The presence of a heliport on site will definitely be appreciated by some people and will allow the lucky owners of this property to reach Brussels, Lille and Paris in just a few minutes. Judging by the look of things, €5.3 million seems like a small price to pay for the right to call this magnificent French castle your new home.

Splendid French Castle


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