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Follow The Glass-Bottomed Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Bridge

By Victor Baker


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China has set its mind on becoming home to the tallest, longest, and probably scariest pedestrian bridge in the world. They are currently working on a jaw dropping glass-bottomed bridge, in the same location that inspired the floating mountains from the popular James Cameron film “Avatar.”

Hovering at around 300 meters (984 feet) above the ground, the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge will be 380 meters (1,247 feet) long and 6 meters (20 feet) wide. I’m sure it’s going to be one of the most stunning bridges in the world, but also one of the most spine chilling places on the planet.

Designed by Tel Aviv-based architectural firm Haim Dotan Ltd., this incredible pedestrian bridge can accommodate up to 800 people and will feature the world’s highest bungee jump. Of course, that seems a bit of an overkill, since this is a glass bridge, but the designers went even further: they’re thinking of using it as a dramatic catwalk for fashion shows.

Lead architect Haim Dotan said the design is meant to work seamlessly with nature, and in October everyone will be able to put that to the test.

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