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The X-TREME 007 By Buben & Zörweg Is The Ultimate Safe

By Victor Baker


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Collectors come in different shapes and sizes. Some prefer silverware or artwork, others rare cars or simply precious jewels. No matter the taste, they all appreciate the focus that was placed on security this year, which is why Buben & Zörweg’s creations are always extremely popular. The renowned safe maker has unveiled this year a new Buben & Zörweg X-TREME 007, which is said to be the ultimate safe.

The next generation of the already iconic X-007 safe came directly from the brand’s factory in Germany, where the Research and Development department could easily rival with a lab Q that would have worked on 007’s gadgets. Watching a safe elevate itself at the touch of a button is definitely something you could see in a Bond movie.

The new X-TREME 007 safe was completely redesigned, and now features a new outside look and decoration where an “X” shaped cover highlights its stronger, stylish expression. This is the only safe in the world that opens vertically and remains completely disguised to the eyes of mere men.

Famous auction houses like Sotheby’s or Christie’s are proving that precious paintings, sculptures or objects d‘art are among the most coveted pieces for both collectors and investors alike and no matter what you want to collect, the Buben & Zörweg X-TREME 007 will keep it safe.


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