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Flying Cavalries designed three exceptional fireplaces

By Adrian Prisca


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Flying Cavalries is a London based company which recently took the world by storm with their amazing contemporary fireplaces designs. They’ve recently released three exceptional fireplaces called Magna, Hillside and Aurora which will definitely be the focal point of any room and create a comfort zone that will help anyone relax after a hard day.

The Magna Fireplace was inspired by volcanoes and it was designed to create a connection between the human and the earth using a bold range of coloured layers carved into a wooden block. It’s colors go from red and melt into gray and make this fireplace special and unique. Apart from being a lovely smokeless ethanol based fireplace, it could be also used as a functional and stylish coffee table.

The Hillside Fireplace was inspired by, you’ve guessed it, hillsides, and it consists of two seamlessly integrated elements: a coffee table and en ergonomic sofa chair. The fireplace is made of oak, natural stone and glass and it can be used as a compact larger coffee table or as a relaxing sofa chair and fireplace.

The Aurora Fireplace was inspired by the polar lights and gathers the colours of the aurora borealis on its five legs. It’s a free-standing chimney-free fireplace composed from a natural stone surface, coloured transparent bearing legs and a smokeless burner.


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