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Swarovski-Embedded Wireless Mouse by Goldgenie

By Adrian Prisca


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If you want to add some style to your personal computer you should consider this new bespoke wireless mouse from Goldgenie which comes with embedded Swarovski crystals. But that’s not all. The mouse also has a stylish compact car shape with chrome wheels and was ergonomically designed for ease of comfort and usage.

This Swarovski Mouse features the world’s smallest USB receiver which measures just 19 mm and, thanks to the 2.4 Ghz digital received Plug and Play technology, this wireless mouse is always ready to use. It also has an automatic save function to conserve battery power and an ultra wide rubber scroll wheel to scroll both horizontally and vertically.

And.. there’s more. You can also open and close the trunk of this luxurious car-shaped mouse, making it even more close to a real car. Goldgenie’s Swavorski mouse is the most beautiful and probably the most expensive mouse on the market right and you could get it for around $825. The mouse is available in silver, black and red colors.

[Goldgenie via Extravaganzi]

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