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Mauro Lecchi & Fenice Milano Lamborghini Motoryacht

By Adrian Prisca


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Mauro Lecchi Lamborghini Yacht

Mauro Lecchi joined forces with Fenice Milano to create a staggering motoryacht concept inspired by the gorgeous supercars from Lamborghini. The design takes its cues from the latest Lamborghini supercars and translates them into a 50 foot express power yacht that’s ultra light and really fast!

The yacht is made out of lightweight carbon-Kevlar to keep the weight down and it will feature a range of engines from twin 700 horsepower Volvo Penta turbo-diesels to triple Lamborghini V12s. The guys from Fenice Milano made a name for themselves for refining Fiats and Rolls Royce models and their job at this yacht was to make its interior incredible.

This means that the interior of the yacht will probably be as outlandish as the exterior is aggressive. There are no news on pricing but apparently the first example of this Lamborghini-inspired poweryacht has been already commissioned and its currently under construction.


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