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Float Away Your Worries With The Wa_Sauna

By Victor Baker


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Luxury homes aren’t what they used to be – which is not exactly a bad thing – but is it too much to ask for a private sauna, possibly one inside the house? No, it’s not; that’s been done since 2010, so it’s time to think about the next best thing for luxury homes.

In an effort to come up with something totally different and completely exciting, the people at goCstudio have dreamed up the breathtaking floating wa_sauna.

Kickstarter is the place you should look for it, and possibly support the idea, as the company is currently trying to turn their concept into reality. The good news is that tests have been concluded already and that it can now be spotted floating in Seattle’s lakes.


Meant to be a place of private refuge for its future owners, this reinvigorating idea will probably get many people excited – although I have to wonder how warm those waters are right now. Registered as a vessel in Washington, the $20,000 sauna is propelled by an electric trolling motor and is heated by a wood burning stove, in case you’re wondering how it works.

It isn’t available just yet, but goCstudio promises it will be soon enough. The wa_sauna was initially planned for the people from Seattle, but waterfront luxury hotels, resorts and luxury home owners will probably want one of these floating saunas in the near future.



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