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Fiji’s Namale Resort & Spa Would be Perfect For Your Birthday

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Namale Resort & Spa

Today just happens to be¬†my birthday, and.. since it’s weekend already and we have more than one reason to party, I thought we should all do it at the gorgeous all-inclusive¬†Namale Resort & Spa, traveling all the way to¬†Fiji. That sounds like a blissful location to celebrate¬†just about anything, right?

But since it’s surrounded by volcanic rocks, exquisite beaches¬†and turquoise waters, this magical resort will easily make you forget exactly why you’re in Fiji, especially when you’re going to enjoy the breathtaking views or the sublime sunsets here; either way, spending time at the Namale Resort & Spa will prove to be a real treat.

This boutique luxury resort is¬†adults-only and¬†offers a mesmerizing list of activities, including diving in the gorgeous Koro Sea to check out the underwater marvels, riding a horse along the sandy beaches, or simply chill out at the resort’s gorgeous spa. Perfect!

Namale Resort & Spa

Sure, there’s also a lovely nine-hole golf course on-site, but this is not exactly my way of having fun. But everyone gets hungry, and that’s when the staff at Namale will ensure you enjoy an incredible experience, as you savor your local or international delicacies at one of two restaurants – feel free to act like a VIP and choose a private beach, a cliffside deck or anything else come dinnertime.

The breakfast promises to be equally appealing, as the sound of the pulsating Lali drum announces the start of a new awesome day in Fiji. Built over 525 acres of lush tropical gardens, the Namale Resort & Spa offers 19 spectacular bures and villas, featuring all the amenities you might need nowadays, from plush beds to air conditioning. But why stay inside when you can enjoy life and everything it has to offer in Fiji?

Namale Resort & Spa

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