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Fendi Gets In The Halloween Mood With The Momento Watches

By Victor Baker


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Momento Watches

Halloween might be a little over a month away, but the designers from Fendi decided to celebrate it earlier by announcing a new capsule collection of Momento watches. The eye catching bag bugs have influenced these colorful watches, with glary eyes that will instantly captivate everyone’s attention wherever you go. These new Fendi watches will feature a chronograph dial, with the sub dials really standing out as the eyes of the bugs.

Momento Watches

Fendi’s Bag Bugs were introduced a few years back, as must-have accessories and good luck charms and today they’ve also taken over the watches from the Italian brand. Fendi even added a diamond-studded eye outline, in case you really want to stand out from the crowd, to these uber cool watches.

Customers may have their watch with one of two strap options, rubberized calfskin leather or a stainless steel bracelet. This may seem like a toy, but it isn’t.

Momento Watches

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