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Extremely Elegant Sofa Arlo by Anthropologie

By Adrian Prisca


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If you ask me, I’m not entirely thinking of the efficiency and materials my furniture pieces are crafted from. In fact, exclusivity and innovation are more important. Fortunately, more and more people are looking forward to these two, and thank God, there are furniture brands out there to satisfy our needs. For example, the specialists at Anthropologie have put together a modern sofa design called Arlo, which seems very interesting.

They have reportedly digitally modified photos of different places of the world and have garnished them with neutral backgrounds. But the most important fact beside the modernism and beauty of these sofas is that they confer personality to your own residential corner, which, I think really shows taste.

We were saying something about efficiency at the beginning of this article and unfortunately that has haunted us down. These sofas are hardly practical, as they’re pretty hard to move from place to place and sadly they aren’t expandable. And the price is not what we’d call a bargain – $3,298. But they are, after all, some beauties!

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