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Equilibrium Three & Four Loudspeakers from Faerber Acoustics

By Adrian Prisca


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Faerber Acoustics have revealed their newest creations to the public: the Equillibrium Three and Four series loud speaker systems, two systems that have great looks, incredible quality and awesome sound. Their mainly made of natural stone and shaped like horns, featuring Karlson coupler with bass units. Let’s now take every set in the series and unveil it piece by piece:

The Equilibrium Three is actually a 3-way passive speaker system that merges into a single coaxial unit, boasting a Karlson coupler. One of the best materials for sound techniques in the world is stone, which has also been used here. In terms of technology, the system sports two 18-inch bass drivers with front folded horns, while the coaxial unit features drivers with beryllium membranes to allow the release of higher frequencies, plus 200-watts dynamic range amplifiers. The coupler is made of high quality copper, set and combined into the 1,200 Hz category.

The Equilibrium Four is in many ways more advanced than the three series, including a 4-way passive sound dispersion setting. It also features separate bass units, aided by the low and medium frequency stone horns and the middle and high frequency coaxial unit. Differentiating them from the three set is their pair of 18-inch bass drivers each one being able to take 200 Hz, also weighing 200kg more per sound channel.

Additionally, there are the 700 Hz strength stone horn amplifiers and the Karlson couplers of more than 5,000 Hz each, also made of copper.  The set’s final finish is represented by the controllable power amplifiers with full dynamic capacity 200Hz plus. Overall, this set offers more sound quality than the previous, in the ears of professionals.

The last of them, The Deep Peak Bass Unit, is aimed towards those who are squeamish regarding sound quality, reaching for the best sounds their ears can process. The bass system can assort greatly with the Equilibrium speakers, be them three of four. There is also either the possibility of acquiring these in mirror gloss piano brush-up or in matt stone finish, the bass unit helping with even more strength, sound quality and precision. The centre of the bass system is an 18-inch bass driver with front fold horn built of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) wood.

There’s a set of tone and material finishing for the bass system on this page, the choice belonging to customers. They beautifully go with the speaker sets, not only for nice décor but also for incredible sound quality. Regarding prices, we’re not informed yet – we’re thus waiting for more details.



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