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Emillé Rapture Monoblock Amplifier

Emillé Rapture Monoblock Amplifier

Korean high-end audio maker Emillé Labs has released a beautifully designed power amp called Emillé Rapture Monoblock Amplifier with a sound incredible enough to make you shiver. The Rapture amp uses only the finest components throughout with Lundahl balanced input transformers, carefully selected tubes with adjustable output bias and hand wound output transformers.

The result is quite impressive for a tube amplifier and the Rapture Monoblock is able to deliver 110 W into 4 or 8Ω with zero negative feedback an a frequency response from 10 Hz to 30 kHz. The amplifier provides one balanced and one unbalanced input and speaker terminals.

Emillé  Labs has also released the pricing info for this beautifully designed product and the Rapture amp will cost (wait for it) $19,400/pair! If you want to equip a 5 channel surround setup you will have to pay $48,500 for these amps but I’m sure they’re worth every single penny.

[Source: UltimateAVMag]


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