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Dubai’s Newest Attraction will be a Floating Replica of Venice

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Floating Venice

The unique beauty of Venice is something that every single one of us should experience and enjoy at least once in a lifetime. But you might be able to do it in another part of the world very soon, as the brilliant developers from the Middle East thought about bringing some of its charm to Dubai as well.

The incredible project before you, called Floating Venice, will be Dubai’s replica of the famous Italian city, with canals and gondolas included. Imagined by the Kleindeinst Group, this breathtaking project will be the world’s first five-star floating destination, an ambitious vision that’s set to cost a staggering 2.5 billion AED or around $680 million in US dollars.

The resort will resemble Venice in the most beautiful way possible, with a replica of its most famous square Piazza San Marco already scheduled to be in place.

Floating Venice

But the best thing is that a luxury underwater world consisting of cabins, bars, shops, and restaurants, is also meant to be part of the Floating Venice resort and its unique attractions. Designed to hold up to 3,000 guests across four stories, this extraordinary project will be easily accessible from the mainland by boat, seaplane or helicopter.

Guests will be able to navigate the resort either on foot or by gondola, and traditional Venetian festivals and celebrations will be also part of this location’s appeal. Floating independently in the Arabian Sea, this incredible retreat will join other resorts planned on the islands of The World, which include Sweden, Germany, Monaco, St Petersburg and Switzerland. Any idea which one will you be visiting first?

Floating Venice

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