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Dolce & Gabbana launches Perfume for Babies

By Adrian Prisca


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Any medic would consider this to be a bit twisted, as having any sort of strong smelling substances aside a newborn may cause lifelong allergies. The people at Dolce & Gabbana discard this by announcing the release of a brand new perfume designed especially for babies.

There is stuff they have fortunately considered, though – like the softness and the delicacy of the baby’s skin, the freshness of his/her breath, the first smile and the hug of the mother. It is also designed to pamper, embrace and provide each baby with a cute cuddle. The Baby Perfume consists of notes of melon, honey and citrus and contains no alcohol, to cope with the sensibility of the baby’s skin.

The brand has also published a photo of the bottle alongside print ads for the fragrance. One can check these out on Instagram. According to the fragrance specialists behind Dolce & Gabbana, the Baby Fragrance is based on the idea of enhancing the smell of the baby and totally not covering or hiding it. This probably is a marketing trick meant to attract rich snobs, not the full-minded common folk which don’t consider the smell of the baby to be sufficiently strong – this is in fact absolutely right.

Although Bulgari and Burberry have already come up with such scents, Dolce & Gabbana has decided to surpass them. A 50 ml bottle of Baby Perfume costs $45.

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