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De Beers Imaginary Nature jewelry collection unveiled

The Imaginary Nature Collection is the latest creation of the famous De Beers. It encompasses a series of innovative designs and gorgeously looking jewelry. Based on ideas of sleekness, subtle movement and fluidity, the collection features a total of eight pieces, which bear influences from the never-ending hubbub that life itself means, in complete harmony with the perfection Mother Nature has bestowed upon everything.

The jewels were manufactured by the designer Hollie Bonneville-Barden,  who seems to closely admire the creations of Mother Nature from tip to toe, in every way possible. She has long studied the flowing shapes of the natural world, implementing the resulting ideas into this superb collection we showcase today.

The collection sports baguettes and pear-shaped stones, with every jewel in the collection inspired by nature itself. Among others, the collection includes a winged ring adorned with a 4.11 carat diamonds, which almost looks like it’s about to take off, a brooch with a whopping 16.38 carat pear-shaped diamond which resembles a falling leaf twisted and turned by the forces of nature and diamond earrings that flow subtly down the ears.

The prices are staggering as well – a pair of earrings adorned with 5 carats of diamonds is going to cost $331,485, while the 16.38 carat diamond encrusted brooch costs a mind-boggling $5,516,550. We are still stunned by the enormity of this price.



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