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24 karat gold Vallure Vodka unveiled in the US

By Adrian Prisca


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I’m sure we’d all like to have a friend like King Midas touching everything around us with his famous “Midas touch”. He may have already touched this 24 Karat Gold Vallure Vodka, which debuts in the United States. Some say it’s the most luxurious vodka cased in a pure gold bottle.

The German premium vodka can already be picked up from a few stores in the US as well. The liquor has undergone numerous brewing processes inside the 100 year old distillery, the process of Vallure triple gold – filtering being the process that follows.

There’s also the factor of pride to this brand, as they are renowned for being able to maintain the one and only booze in perfect conditions, as the “Gold Standard of Vodka”, making sure that every opulent bottle will include 750 ml of Vallure Vodka, inside a golden bottle.

The bottle itself is quite elegant, at a first glance. It bears a double black shell and a red velvet interior that certifies its exclusivity. Q. Ladraa, the Co-Founder of Vallure vodka, declares: “We are pleased to introduce Vallure Vodka to U.S. consumers that value the exceptional things in life.”


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