Damascus Edition Chronos Safe Pays Homage to Medieval Master Smiths

California-based luxury home safe manufacture Brown Safe has released their most exclusive creation yet, a piece designed to secure your most precious watches, which is also an homage to one of history’s most celebrated crafts.

Those passionate about steel and especially steel weapons know of the legendary qualities of Damascus steel. The technique for making it flourished in the Middle Ages, particularly in the Middle East (around Damascus), and yielded blades that were incredibly durable, featuring a distinctive watery pattern on their surface, but the exact process has been lost centuries ago and remains a mystery to this day.

Brown Safe is itself a company which prides itself in the creation of high-end steel products, so it’s no surprise the people there greatly admire the work of those old metalsmiths and have designed this excellent watch safe as a tribute to their craft.

The unit comes with all the features you could hope for to protect your timepiece collection: titanium bolt work, anti-drive, triple redundant relockers, biometric fingerprint entry, GPS anti-theft systems, home automation integration, and automatic watch winder panels, with the highlight being the military grade X-09 kinetically driven and EMP hardened dial lock.

A fully-featured model also comes with the GPS anti-theft package and a multi-sensor alarm, and is priced at a cool $98,500. Only 10 Damascus Edition Chronos Safes will be available this year.