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Customizable Camatte57s kid-friendly concepts by Toyota

Following the kid-friendly Camatte concept car project of last year, Toyota has now presented plans of bringing forth two more versions – the Camatte 57s, the blue one, and the Camatte 57s Sport, the gray-black-red model.

The brand new concepts will reportedly be put in front of the public at the International Tokyo Toy Show. In terms of changes, they aren’t as modified as we’ve thought. They sport 57 detachable body panels, reconfigurable pedals that allow children to operate the gas and brakes while the steering is done by their parents, and 1+2 seating arrangements. The new part is the open-top roadster design which eliminates the use of doors for easier egress/ingress.

The cars are entirely electric, but sadly we haven’t yet been provided with any specs by Toyota. I’m really curious to finding out in what terms is the Camatte57s Sport model better, if it is. The happiest part is – they will be completely road-legal. As for the nomination, Camatte means “care” in Japanese, therefore you’re able to quickly realise the connection. The “s” being the “Camatte57” stands for “touch”, while the number 57 tells the number of body panels. Check out that nice video we’ve provided.



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