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Custom made Bowling Alleys from Fusion Bowling

By Adrian Prisca


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Are you a bowling enthusiast and you feel like spending high money on a bowling alley? Fusion Bowling may have the answer for you.

Starting from the idea that expensive and exquisite is nearly synonymous with custom-made, the respective company has designed a unique and innovative series of bowling alleys, boutique alleys and residential alleys totally customizable by the client; anything can be done at client’s will, from integrated gadgetry to décor and equipment.

The long list of items that can be custom-made contains under-floor ball return systems, automatic pin-setter machines, computer scoring with over-head flat screen displays, customizable regulation lanes and a whole range of designs, depending on the size of the client’s wallet.

Furthermore, one can add ball speedometers, instant play-back systems, glowing colored lanes, with or without artwork and the list goes on.

These bowling alleys are perfect for the times when your friends want to come and check out on you. They are a great entertainment option, with prices that range between $115,000 – $135,000. These prices are not fixed, of course, they are based on the client’s request and may either go up or down.


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