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Curtiss Motorcycles’ 2020 Zeus Will Have Batteries Styled like the Cylinders of a V8 Engine

Curtiss Motorcycles 2020 Zeus 1

Our favorite exotic bike builder, Curtiss Motorcycles, came up with a new interesting idea for a crazy electric motorcycle. They’ve started electrifying motorcycles with the impressive Zeus and recently they’ve updated this futuristic design to make its batteries look like a stunning V8 petrol engine.

The ravishing bike before you comes with a new skeletal space frame anchored to a unique powertrain architecture which draws inspiration from the Glenn Curtiss’ 1907 legendary V8 motorcycle. The design isn’t only made to impress but it also serves a purpose.

The radial V pattern of the cylindrical towers in which batteries are fitted allows for maximum battery cooling efficiency. Each battery holds 16.9 kWh, delivering its power through a proprietary controller and motor package developed in cooperation with the British company YASA.

Curtiss Motorcycles 2020 Zeus 2

The estimated power of the bike spins around 217 hp and 147 lb-ft of torque. The front suspension is an aluminum girder fork and the chassis is a tubular hand weld frame made from titanium / chromoly, with machined 6061 aluminum fusion. The wheels are from carbon fiber.

The 2020 Zeus is expected to hit production sometime next year and sell with a price tag of $75,000. With it, the brand hopes to hit the sweet spot on the hyper luxury motorcycle market and then focus on creating even more accessible bikes.

Curtiss Motorcycles 2020 Zeus 3


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