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Crystal Rain is Kawai’s Answer to Luxury and Music

Crystal Rain

The legendary Japanese piano manufacturer Kawai was one of the stars at the 2018 Milan Design Week, where it showed up with a stunning installation that showcases a new approach to instrument design. Crystal Rain is what Japanese light artist Takahiroo Matsuo has imagined, with a spectacular crystal grand piano at the center of our attention.

Floating upon undulating waves of water, this mesmerizing instrument will have each note sparkling as droplets of light rain down into the space surrounding the piano. Stunning visual effects = check! Now, let’s move on to the detailed description of this incredible design and, possibly, a price tag.

Crystal Rain

After more than 90 years of expertise in crafting fine pianos, Crystal Rain might be that one thing we’ve all wanted, even though we didn’t know it. This unique creation blends music, art, and technology in the most beautiful way possible to inspire musicians and amateurs alike from the entire world.

The piano’s inner workings are on display thanks to a delicately-crafted transparent cabinet, but this crystal instrument also enhances the pianistʼs own appearance, making sure any show will be unique, regardless of the musical composition to be played or melodic direction.

You thought we forgot all about the price tag, didn’t you? Well, we didn’t, but it’s a bit embarrassing. You see, there is no purchase cost to talk about, as this piece is unique – for now. We’re quite sure, though, that rich people will start asking the company to make more of these as soon as possible. Any takers?

Crystal Rain


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