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Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table by Molinelli Designs

By Adrian Prisca


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Very few of us get to drive a Ferrari. That’s a fact. A worse fact is that some of the Ferraris on the market today are being crashed and destroyed. That’s hard to imagine for us, normal people, but it seems that the ex-owners aren’t as impressed as we are.

So, Charly Molinelli, of Molinelli Designs, had the idea of putting parts of the wreck of a crashed Ferrari into a coffee table design, thus creating a pitiful but astonishingly beautiful and original home & leisure piece.

This has been called “car sadism”, but this is the pure root of Molinelli’s design. For some it’s just a pathetic wreck, for others it’s a thing destined to honor the name of Ferrari. An interesting fact of this table is that even the number plate is kept, so you may know whose Ferrari your table used to be.

The prices for the Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table haven’t yet been announced, but thinking of the origins of it, it may consist of 5 digits.


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