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Giorgio Armani has opened his flagship Armani hotel in Milan

By Adrian Prisca


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Milan is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Italy and the worldwide capital of fashion. Thus, Giorgio Armani opened a palazzo-like hotel to honor this fact, in collaboration with the Emaar Properties developer, from Dubai. Situated in the same building 1937 as the Armani Manzoni 31, the hotel is spread over 162,000 sq feet of surface between floors two and eight.

The central-located hotel comprises 95 rooms based on comfort, luxury and exquisiteness, similar to Burj Khalifa in Dubai, at smaller dimensions of course. The interior is painted in neutral, decent colors. By the seventh floor, overlooking the city of Milan, one can discover the Armani Ristorante, a superb spot for enjoying a special, tasty meal. The ambiance is simply astonishing, with irreproachable services and excellent serving.

Armani himself declared that he enjoys “the idea of being remembered not only for my clothes, and I like to bring an element of luxury that adds prestige to the city”. And he successfully managed to do this, plus his collaboration with the Dubai developer is extremely fruitful.

He teamed up with Emaar back in 2005, resulting in multiple locations in Dubai, including the Armani Hotels & Resorts business. They have recently announced that their next project is a resort in Marrakech, part of their plan of global expansion. Armani’s fame alone should attract millions of customers worldwide.

Some other planned locations are Shanghai, New York and London; these are only a part of their future-planned destinations for the next 10 years, which, according to them, should be around ten.


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