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Coren carbon fiber bike designed by UBC

By Adrian Prisca


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We love bikes, and every time we see a new two-wheeled concept or project, we’re there to find out more about it. The specialists behind UBC, known for providing parts to Toyota’s Formula 1 vehicles and to sportscars like the Porsche GT2, have recently developed a bicycle of their own, which they’ve named the Coren – if translated from old English, it stands for “chosen” or “precious”.

Based in Germany, the brand is widely renowned as an “in and out carbon specialist”. Ulf Bräutigam, the CEO of UBC, was the one with the idea to up the image of his brand. Alongside the fabled industrial designer Christian Zanzotti, they’ve attempted to honor the brief to create a bike which “masses couldn’t ignore”. Therefore, Zanzotti has practically given birth to the Coren, a one off vehicle at the Eurobike convention.

Technically, the racing expertise of UBC is clearly visible all over the bike, like the carbon fiber frame, a unique, uncommon carbon drive belt system replacing the regular metallic transmission chain, the extremely low weight, of just 17 lbs, and a plethora of stunning features.

Ulf Bräutigam declared: “The constraints of design and marketing were completely disregarded during the Coren’s development. Our aim was to create a bike that no-one can imitate because no-one would dare. Mission accomplished.” We liked his statement a lot to be honest!

You’re now probably wondering about the cost of such beauty. Well, it doesn’t come cheap – enthusiasts, be ready to save $32,000 for it!


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