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Convento do Espinheiro Offers a One-of-a-Kind Experience in Portugal

Convento do Espinheiro

A luxury hotel housed in a centuries-old convent might not sound like a great idea, but once you take a closer look at this spectacular retreat from Portugal, you will start daydreaming about staying here, at least for a few days. Tucked away in the charming Portuguese countryside, in a little historic town called Évora, Convento do Espinheiro is the place where history, art, bespoke amenities and a world class staff join hands to leave you with an unforgettable memory.

The convent has been lovingly restored and updated, but you’ll still find the old chapel and cloisters, while the beautiful gardens around the hotel create a private, serene environment that’s just perfect to unwind and forget about everything else.

Convento do Espinheiro

A Luxury Collection hotel & spa, Convento do Espinheiro will impress everyone with its amazing accommodations and service, but to us the superb restaurant, which is housed in the convent’s old cellar, the lounge, or the hotel’s gorgeous spa, with an indoor pool and many other goodies, will make your stay here even more unforgettable.

There’s also an outdoor pool and a tennis court on-site, with picture perfect scenery wherever you might turn your head, complemented by the warm rays of the Portuguese sun. And if you don’t know this yet, Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage City, so there’s plenty to explore and discover outside the hotel as well – the knowledgeable sommelier will surely assist you with anything you might want.

Convento do Espinheiro


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