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Concept Elara is a new Superyacht Wonder from H2

By Victor Baker


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Concept Elara

The brilliant team at H2 Yacht Design is always trying to imagine the next best thing in the superyacht world, and their latest project might just do the trick. Called ELARA, this stunning 50-meter concept superyacht shows off a striking profile, mixed with creative lines and impressive spaces inside-out.

The sporty look of this vessel cannot be ignored, with the lengthened silhouette of the yacht, and its fluid lines creating an overwhelming sense of continuous motion and energy. As you can see from these photos, there are plenty of functional exterior living spaces, which only make this vessel even more enjoyable.

Concept Elara

This new concept looks quite thrilling, as you would expect from a design studio as experienced and acclaimed as H2. Similar to the brand’s previous designs, Elara will probably show off various luxurious amenities on board, like two large Jacuzzi tubs on the foredeck and the sundeck, and many other goodies inside.

Of course, the future owners of this beauty will probably configure and customize their vessel’s layout as they wish, and things are bound to get outrageous really fast.

Concept Elara

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