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Close to perfection: the Harry Winston Opus 14 Watch

By Victor Baker


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Harry Winston Opus 14

The Harry Winston Opus 14 watch has been finally revealed in Baden-Baden, Germany, and.. it’s nothing short of amazing! Featuring a 1950s American vibe and automaton mechanisms inspired by the iconic record changing machines of the era, the Opus 14 seems to be somewhat of a game-changer.

This exquisite watch is the result of the collaboration between Harry Winston and Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin of Télôs SA, with the master watchmakers starting basically from scratch to design the Harry Winston Opus 14.

With a 54.7 mm wide and a 21.9 mm thick case that’s round and asymmetrical, this stunning watch houses the HW4601 movement that comprises 1,066 individual parts and 124 jewels, providing the user with a 68 hours power reserve and up to 5 hours of “back and forth disk movements.”

Harry Winston Opus 14

Since it’s all about the 1950s theme, the Harry Winston Opus 14 features an automaton complication that has been inspired from the classic record changers. It uses the slider set into the left side of the case to choose between the following three disks: GMT time, the date and a star bearing the signature of Harry Winston.

The 1,066-part movement is hand-wound, coming with a silicon balance spring, 31 bridges and two mainspring barrels that handle timekeeping and the automaton functions.  But that’s not all, because the Harry Winston Opus 14 also comes with fluid and smooth animations adding to the overall charm.

The price for this beautiful and complex watch shouldn’t surprise you in any way, even though it costs 428,000 Swiss Francs.

Harry Winston Opus 14


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