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Chiara Andreatti & Fendi Casa Go Beyond Design Limitations

By Victor Baker


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Chiara Andreatti & Fendi Casa

To mark its tenth edition at Design Miami/, the global forum for design, FENDI has just unveiled WELCOME!, a special open environment concept, featuring bespoke furnishings designed by Chiara Andreatti. Creative and aesthetically pleasing, WELCOME! is a living room where complementary epochs coexist, in peace and harmony.

A wide range of handcrafted and natural materials made this luxurious environment possible, boasting a refined look, complemented by elegantly designed elements. I’m not sure, but reading between the lines will leave an impression of eclectic ideas, all gathered into one space. Is that a good thing or not?

Chiara Andreatti & Fendi Casa

FENDI’s most iconic products, such as the Cuoio Romano leather, the Selleria stitch, and Pequin, have been now reinterpreted to show off a modern twist of an old name. Chiara Andreatti has used a lot of soft hues and exotic suggestions to make the FENDI universe look even more incredible than before.

Sophistication is the word of the day here, with iron, brass, matte white ceramics, glass, and neon, being beautifully mixed with walnut, thick bamboo netting, parchment, and natural coco fiber to get this drool inducing mix. Produced in limited numbers, this FENDI line-up is bound to make at least a few homeowners happy.

Who said that your place of Zen cannot be considered a fashion statement?

Chiara Andreatti & Fendi Casa

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