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Check Out Amillarah – Dubai’s new Self Sufficient Floating Villas


Believe it or not, there are a few people out there who are still convinced that our planet is flat. Even more disturbing is the fact that a large number of people think that the Greenhouse Effect is some sort of hoax; the reality is that millions of people will be displaced by rising sea levels, sooner than they think.

But there’s a solution for that, coming straight from Dubai. These innovative floating homes were specially designed to keep those of you with very large pockets safe and sound no matter what nature throws at you. Dubbed as Amillarah, Waterstudio’s concept represents a community of 33 floating villas that will start construction off the coast of Dubai.

The buoyed homes before you boast the same level of luxury as you would expect from a typical Dubai villa, including a swimming pool complete with patio, trees, and fine landscaping.


Customers will have a tough choice, as each artificial island will differ in size between 150,000 square feet and 450,000 square feet, and you won’t be driving into your garage here. The only way to reach these homes is via seaplane or boat, and if you’re worried about how much that costs, you should better sit down for this one, as at least $23 million will be required before floating away on the island of your dreams.

According to Waterstudio, these villas will last around a century, while the bases can help create an underwater habitat for sea life – Jacques Cousteau will be happy about that. Furthermore, potential customers are allowed to design their own island, and each one is self-sufficient. The only thing left to clear up now is this: what address will the authorities type in on your papers?


Amillarah Private Islands



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