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Chateau de Promenthoux Is A Real Swiss Delight

By Victor Baker


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Chateau de Promenthoux

Chateau de Promenthoux, a spectacular 19th-century chateau, designed by Stephen Sauvestre and nestled on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva, has now been listed for sale, for the first time in over 50 years. Valued at around 48 million Swiss francs (or $47.66 million in US dollars), this mesmerizing property will hit the auction block on June 15, when every millionaire interested of moving to Switzerland will probably have a day off.

Now open for previews, this luxurious home was completed back in 1896 as a summer residence for Jean-Philippe Worth, son of English fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth. Proudly sitting on 9.1 acres of waterfront paradise, forest and park land on the north shore of Lake Geneva, this chateau is what wealthy people probably dream of.

Chateau de Promenthoux

Offering 14,000 square feet of stunning living areas, spread over four stories, Chateau de Promenthou will impress everyone with its four grand reception rooms, eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, multiple kitchens, a charming library, a study, as well as separate accommodation for the staff employed to make the new owners’ lives that much better.

Rest assured, there are plenty of balconies that allow you to wake up every morning with a blissful panoramic view over Lake Geneva. Also worth mentioning is the private harbor, which is apparently the largest on Lake Geneva., according to Concierge Auctions. Obviously, this home will cost you a pretty penny; however, exclusivity is priceless.

Chateau de Promenthoux


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